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Clam Shell | Natural | X-Large

Clam Shell | Natural | X-Large


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Moulded in an artful manner, the Clam Shell XL Natural is a work of art in itself. Made through the use of pure quality resin material, the Clam Shell XL Natural possesses such untainted aesthetic appeal that is certain to capture the hearts of your customers. It is moulded in perfect imitation of molluscs as it pays great attention to every detail including the clam's curvy sides and smooth interior.

The Clam Shell XL Natural is a natural looking artificial clam décor that was made using top quality resin material in the exact likeness of molluscs. Given its smooth textured white interior and an exterior that combines both brown and white, this natural looking clam shell would look great when arranged in a decorative setting along with other ornaments. Apart from its aesthetic functionality, it is also practically functional in a variety of ways. This includes being useful as a tealight holder as scented or unscented wax can be melted in it while it burns to give the room an appealing fragrance.