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'A Dreamers Manifesto' Linen Wall Banners - By Emma Kate Co

'A Dreamers Manifesto' Linen Wall Banners | Whatever Mudgee Online

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  • Hand screen printed wall banner on 100% pure linen.
  • {450mm x 1800mm}
  • Presented with dowel and string for hanging, packaged in custom mailing tube.
  • Wall banners to inspire adventure and mark milestones.
  • Designed in Australia // 


[a dreamers manifesto]

please carry this with you today...

your work matters - it really does. So know that you are beautifully significant.

your work - your words - your art - with these you breathe magic into the mundane. even if it feels otherwise. you will leave souls awestruck and hearts grateful. you might never even know.

Work gracefully in silence. let success be your noise. it isn't always pretty - unpretty is integral in anything important. 

the longest days. late nights. huge stretch of time devoted, burrowed deep, non stop. All heart, these are the ones that count.

these days - where you sit quietly with your dream, and let speak, get really clear, write an unfathomable list to get from 'here' to 'there' the overwhelm may weigh on you so heavenly that you can hardly breathe. this is precisely the movement you'll look back on one day soon, where you could have decided to run away or endure. 

and this is the most potent of moments, transcending worries, logistics and your own upper limits, in service and honor of greater purpose.

embrace becoming it will take everything. caffeine will be necessary. keep going.

do not settle for the one, disrupt, agitate. go deeper after all, the well behaved rarely make history. 

make time for play, as well as outcome. eventually the pieces will fall into place. so until then, laugh in the confusion, live questions, create recklessly and no matter how you feel today, get up - dress up - show up and never give up.

take the leap - free fall exquisitely into the heart. the sky is the limit... (your sky, your limit).