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Colour: 30 Cup Jar

Tasting Notes

Floral | Gentle | Smooth

No MacDonald here. Just calm flavors of lavender, lemon, and chamomile.

Calm your daily jitters with this restful blend of all that is floral and good. A carefully selected arrangement of herbs to support your still and slow moments. Soft Egyptian chamomile and sweet lavender get a refreshing side with Australian lemon myrtle and lemongrass. 

Find your calm with a pot of this vivid field of wildflowers. 

Brewing Guide
Brew at 100 degrees for 2 – 3  minutes. Perfect just as it is.
Storage and Packaging

* All of our blends are handcrafted and packed into our signature glass jars.
* Keep your jar out of direct sunlight and in a cool and dry location to preserve the life of your tea.
* Refills available for conscious and sustainable practices. Help us reduce waste and the impact of single-use items.