Fall Asleep Faster | Kit | The Goodnight Co

Fall Asleep Faster | Kit | The Goodnight Co


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Discover your sleep routine’s missing step!
  • Expertly curated to perfect your pre-bedtime sleep routine
  • Calm Drops to ease your mind and alleviate anxiety
  • Calm Essential Roll On to soothe your senses naturally
  • Sleep Mist to transform your sleep space

Perfecting Your Sleep Routine :
  1. Detox your sleep space to ease an overstimulated nervous system. 
  2. Rebalance your sleep, mood and energy levels.
  3. Put your mind and body at ease with 100% natural remedies. 

You’ve made it to bed, check. You’re comfortable, check. The temperature’s good and nothing is more pressing right now than falling asleep – check, check. So why are you still awake? While difficulty falling asleep feels incredibly isolating, it is also increasingly common. With this in mind, The Goodnight Co. now have an expertly curated pack specifically for your needs. Thank goodness.

The pack contains our natural Calm Drops which are formulated to help calm a worried mind and support a deep, restful sleep. Our Calm Essential Roll On helps to relieve stress and anxiety as you apply to your pulse points, such as your wrists or neck. Finally, our soothing Sleep Mist is included to create the perfect space and calm your body and mind before bed.