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Exotic Belle By Ruchi Rai

Exotic Belle By Ruchi Rai

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Exotic Belle bears a touch of difference coming from the Gem Collection it has the added depth of dark colour - stunning!

Dimensions: 104 x 104cm

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Framed in American Oak

About Ruchi Rai:

Ruchi mainly works with acrylics, washes and sometimes ink. She believes art is a way to express feelings and emotions that we feel towards people, nature and this beautiful earth that we live on. Ruchi has been exploring with acrylics as she believes they are very versatile and easy to work with in terms of creating textures, depth and blending techniques. 

Ruchi believes in spontaneity and free flow of strokes. Each piece is started with some visual understanding of its flow and direction and as it progresses it takes its own path and slowly develops its own character, story and depth.