Hamptons Lantern

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Size: Small

The Lantern Hamptons are candle holding lanterns which take interior decoration through the art of candle lighting to a whole new level due to its unconventionally stylish design! Both lanterns which are contained in this set are similarly crafted in vertically inclined dimension such that it has a pedestal which gives it balanced support and the top of the lantern being made in the form of a traditional chimney!
Ornately crafted in a tall and distinctively alluring design, these two candle lanterns are made all the more irresistible through the thoughtful choice of white palette which is complemented by the jet black hue of the metallic hinges. The lanterns are made in a similar pattern which showcases a top that is made in the form of a chimney! Attached to this metal chimney top is a metallic ergonomic handle by which customers can firmly and comfortably carry this candle lantern around the spatial environment where it is being used.
Size Large 
50cm Tall - Glass door 35cm High