'In Our Home' Linen Wall Banner by Emma Kate Co

'In Our Home' Linen Wall Banner | Whatever Mudgee Online

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  • Hand screen printed wall banner on 100% pure linen.
  • {450mm x 1800mm}
  • Presented with dowel and string for hanging, packaged in custom mailing tube.
  • Wall banners to inspire adventure and mark milestones.
  • Designed in Australia /


[ in our home ]

this space is filled with warmth and light and unabashed joy.

shared freely with all who may dwell here.

in our home we do real. mistakes are encouraged. second chances are embraced - lessons are learned - silliness and laughter are welcomed.

adventures are always.

this is a 'shoes off. socks on kinda space. our home runs on love cups of strong coffee (and wine). happy extends far more than an hour and five o'clock somewheres.

in our home we live our days on purpose. there is no place for perfection, that killer of joy.

in our home, Wanderlust may call you away on journeys ear or faraway.

oh!the places you'll go. just promise to return once in a while and fill the space with stories. and know that returning can even teach more than the leaving and journey itself.

in our home we live the questions. We trust we will find ourselves exactly where we are meant to be.

beyond bricks and mortar, windows and walls. memories and belongings. home is in each others arms + there is no place like here.