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If you go down the the woods today you won't believe your eyes!

Enter the charming world of "Woodfolk Wonderland" where the elves and gnomes live harmoniously. Bunnies hop, deers prance and life is magical in Mushroom Village!

Woodfolk Wonderland Play Pouch encourages imaginative play, with a beautiful mushroom print on the outside, and a magical Woodfolk Wonderland scene on the inside to encourage hours of creative play!

Toys. We love them! But keeping them tidy, all in one place or taking them out and about - that poses problems... unless there is a Play Pouch involved!

How to Use:

Spread the Play Pouch out for play and all the bits and pieces stay together. When it is time to pack away, just pull on the rope and in a jiffy you've gathered everything neatly into the Play Pouch.