Done By Deer

Snack + Spout Cup | Assorted Colours

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Colour: Powder

This cute yet practical two-handled cup also doubles as a food container. The Elphee Silicone Spout & Snack Cup comes with two silicone lids perfect for drinks and snacks.

Use the spout lid for practising first sips. The snack lid is perfect for crumb-free snack time – giving your little one easy access to fruits, tiny food cuttings. The smart lid keeps the snacks inside if the cup tips over. The two lids hug tightly around the cup and are easily interchangable.

Features the cute black and white Happy Dots design with the Done by Deer Elphee character in either Powder, Blue or Grey.

INCLUDES: One Elphee Spout & Snack cup in your chosen colour