Stay Asleep | Kit | The Goodnight Co

Stay Asleep | Kit | The Goodnight Co

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Naturally fall and stay asleep
  • Say goodbye to frustrating broken sleep - no more staring at the ceiling!
  • Deep Sleep Drops to support a deep sleep, naturally
  • Calm Drops to calm your nervous system and encourage a deeper sleep
  • Goodnight Essential Oil Roll On to soothe the mind and body before bed
  • Mini Sleep Mist to transform your sleep space
  • TGC Ear Plugs to stop noise-induced sleep interruptions
Perfecting Your Sleep Routine :
  1. Support better sleep for better health
  2. Develop your ideal sleep routine
  3. Maximise your mood and energy levels the next day

You got to sleep, hooray! So why can’t you stay there? Though falling asleep is initially promising, there is a large group for whom staying that way has become an incredibly frustrating daydream. With this in mind, The Goodnight Co. now have an expertly curated pack, specifically designed to address frequent waking at night. Phew.

Included in the pack is our best selling Deep Sleep Drops and Calm Drops which contain all natural ingredients to support a calm nervous system and deep, restful sleep. Our Goodnight Essential Oil Roll On and our Mini Sleep Mist are formulated to transform your sleep space and improve your overall sleep quality to help you get the rest you need.

Our Ear Plugs ensure a noise-free night to reduce disruptions which could wake you during deep rest. 


The Goodnight Co. Stay Asleep Kit includes:

Deep Sleep Drops

Calm Drops

Goodnight Essential Oil Roll On

Mini Sleep Mist

Ear Plugs