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Life is chaotic. There is always so much to do and so much to remember. It is at times really overwhelming and quite often incredibly hard to stay on top of it all. But the thing is, as soon as you take the time to map out your plan and write it down, that feeling of “can’t take another moment of this” can completely fade away.


By writing out your lists, your schedules, perhaps kids schedules, your world seems to, well feel less stressful!? It’s true. It’s proven that handwriting can do just this. It is therapeutic and it can reduce stress levels. It is so powerful.

We have designed our planner to help you map out your chaos. Our format is minimal and clean, and it works with our theory in mind – there is always more than one part of your life that you need to plan.

We have a created a “this side for / that side for” layout so that you can organise the two main areas in your life separately but still see it on the one page. We believe planning this way helps to keep more order and achieve what you want.

Seperate your planner with your two areas. Here are some suggestions.

  • mama & family
  • work & social
  • work & family
  • work & studies
  • work & mama
  • life admin & work
  • business planning & lists.

We also include the following features to help your planning process:

  • a full monthly planner at the beginning of each month (including January 2025)
  • a week to a spread
  • two ribbons can keep the mark of both pages
  • linen covered
  • luxurious 120GSM FSC certified paper 
  • flat lay binding to make it easy to write in.

In summary we personally find putting pen to paper to plan our daily lists, to do’s, meetings, family commitments is the most effective way to include all we have to tick off during the week in one place. It is the tool that accompanies us everyday to make every facet of life run as smooth as possible. We find pen to paper is like a piece of personal magic that far out performs any digital technology.


148 x 210 x 17mm | 5.8 x 8.3 x .7in


  • Size 148 x 210 mm / 5.8 x 8.3 inches (A5) 
  • Pages 160pages (80sheets) 
  • Cover Linen covered hardcover 
  • Endpaper Endpapers feature artwork
  • Paper 120GSM FSC certified paper 
  • Binding Case Bound 
  • Flat Lay Binding Planner lays flat for easy writing 
  • Weekly Layout This side for, that side for layout. Every day has the same space allocated including weekends! 
  • Monthly Planner A monthly planner and list maker at the beginning of each month, including January 2025 so you can continue planning into the new year
  • Yearly Calendar 2024 calendar at a quick glance at the beginning of the planner 
  • Blank Pages 20 blank pages at the end of the planner free for you to use how you need - notes, drawings, lists, goals or new year resolutions 
  • Elastic To keep the cover and pages together 
  • Ribbon 2 ribbons to hold your place 
  • Weight Approx. 450gm / 1lbs 
  • Pledge A pledge to keep you on top of your chaos and schedule in me time

Designed in Melbourne, Australia. My Organised Chaos is a trademarked and copyright brand.