Face Scrubber & Holder | Charcoal

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The perfect pair

Designed with gentle 100% silicone bristles for optimal exfoliation, our Face Scrubber makes for an invigorating addition to your grooming routine. And when you're not buffing away dirt and grime, our handy holder keeps it secure, hygienic, and within reach.  Attaches effortlessly to any smooth and shiny surface with our unique silicone grip technology. 

Face Scrubber A 100% silicone soft-touch scrubber designed for optimal exfoliation that cleans skin for a smoother complexion

Unclogs pores
Removes dead skin and dry skin
Gets rid of ‘beardruff’
Helps prevent breakouts

1x Face Scrubber 6 x 5cm
1x Ace Holder 7 x 5cm