Nana Huchy

Clover | The Cow

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Colour: Beige

Beige Clover the cow likes a chat. She's a bit of a gossip in fact. Always up with the latest news from the paddock, Clover's got the low down from the bull's side of the fence too. This soft and snuggly patchwork cow can't wait to give you her precious friendship, and all her juicy secrets!

Black/White Clover When you first meet sweet Clover, she comes off as a shy old girl. To bring her out of her shell, all you have to do is ask her about the latest romantic entanglements of her fellow Farm Friends—she will be sure to talk your ear off! Together with her chatterbox bestie beige Clover the Cow, these two well-informed ladies keep the rumour mill alive & well at the Nana Huchy farm. Just be careful not to tell Clover your deepest, darkest secrets or you may just find them splashed across the front page of tomorrow’s newspaper.


Dimensions: 38cm