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Diffuser Crystal Quartz | Coconut, Lime + Passionfruit

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Crystal Quartz is reminiscent of your favourite summer cocktails with sweet layers of fruity tropics to bring the pool-side holiday to you.

  • Tropical coconut takes you to the shores with creamy notes of summer.
  • Lime delivers a luscious blend of juicy citrus for that oh so fresh feeling.
  • Passionfruit brings a unique pop of zest to the party.

Our hand-crafted Diffusers are a breathtaking addition to our Crystal Collection; inspired by the beauty of precious stones and crystals. Relax and diffuse with luxe fragrances set to effortlessly transform the home with the scent of your dreams.

Size: 320ml in crystal bottle with bamboo reeds

Refresh your diffuser with gloves on, flipping its reeds once you notice the scent fading. You can adjust the strength of your fragrance by turning these more or less often, as you please. Make your diffuser at home by placing on a safe surface, keeping away from direct sunlight and drafts for the finest finish.

All hand poured in Sydney Australia