Raising You. Letters To My Baby

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Colour: Rose Pink

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Raising You is a place to write to your child. It is lined and unprompted so that it can be filled out when and how you would like your memories to be documented. A letter a month or when you feel the urge to tell a story or remember special moments. A journal for parents or grandparents to keep their thoughts and wishes and create a special keepsake to pass down. 

A journal tells the deepest inner thoughts expressed through handwriting. A place where time stands still and details will never go forgotten. Perhaps divulge thoughts and feelings that may never be had in spoken conversation. A journal passed down would be one of the most priceless gifts one could receive. Hand writing also lives on long after people have gone, so these journals can become much loved family heirlooms.

230 x 190mm | 9 x 7.5in