Rooster White

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Rooster White is an eccentric decorative element for those who crave for something genuinely sophisticated. The beauty of this metallic item is its auspicious significance to boost one's confidence. Roosters are acknowledged through the ages to possess admirable qualities of pride, courage, honesty, alertness, strength, and discretion. Use this intriguing metal ornament as a statement piece and to wow the imagination.
Gardens are designed with an aesthetic or recreational purpose in mind, or it is designated for edibles. Whichever one client decides, the fact remains that gardens are truly sophisticated and spectacular. Possessing a suitable piece to complement these functions is paramount. Rooster White is a minimalistic piece that would add charm to one's garden. Its detailed figure is formed from the very best of iron for longevity. This work of art is finished with an organic compound, Resin. Adorning gardens with this painted iron is a distinct way to spark a whole new dimension. It fits on the front porch, backyard as well as indoor use.
  • Size: 14x7x19