Sefer Jute Runner | Black 0.6x1.5m

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Our Black Sefer Jute Runner Collection will anchor your room with the tonal, timeless aesthetic. Deep black intertwined to create a flatwoven artisan runner with fringed edging. Sefer's white striped corner motif finishes this runner with the signature Saardé style.


100% Jute


  • Designed in Australia



Regularly vacuum with a non-rotating head attachment. Do not use a powerful vacuum as this may damage the fibres

Always vacuum in the same direction of the weave

Avoid vacuuming over the edges and fringes repeatedly as it may damage them

Do not steam or soak the runner with water

Clean spills immediately by blotting them with a cloth. Do not rub stains as it may push the dirt deeper into the fibres


Your new Jute runner naturally shed fibres as a natural part of the wearing in process, so we advise regular vacuuming

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and heat sources (gas heaters, fireplaces, etc.) as these can fade out and the natural fibres

Rotate runners every six months for even wear