The George Toothbrush Holder | Silicone

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Size: Charcoal

The George Toothbrush Rack is THE toothbrush holder for the modern man (that's you). Easy to fit, removable and travel ready, there's no better place to keep your toothbrush and toothpaste. Unlike other toothbrush holders, The George is fitted with our Silicone Grip Technology, meaning you can take this tooth brush holder with you wherever you go. Simply pop it in your dopp kit, pull it out when you get to the hotel and place it on the mirror, and you have a toothbrush holder set to go.

Hanging your toothbrush is more hygienic then using a covered toothbrush holder, or the standard toothbrush cup, as your toothbrush is allowed to drain, and there's nowhere for germs to breed. All of our products are made of easy clean, antibacterial material, and The George toothbrush and toothpaste holder is no different. We think having a sanitary toothbrush holder is pretty important, because after all, you're going to put that in your mouth.

The beauty is that it's the simplest of toothbrush holder ideas, and with space for two if you ever you have company. And let's face it: your old star wars toothbrush holder isn't impressing anyone.

To install, simply remove the protective backing sheet, stick the product to a clean, dry and shiny surface and you're done. The product requires no tools, no glue or permanent mounts. It's removable and reusable and leaves no residue. And it won't fall off – so even if you're packing the most expensive toothbrush on the market, it's going to be good and safe.


Measures 7 x 7 cm